Good apps come from good devs

and all problems are solved by good design.

Design is how it works.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Luck is the residue of design

The artist in me cries out for design.

One theme. Endless combinations for your creativity.

Tfingi is a versatile slick WordPress theme with a Portfolio and some awesome features, premium sliders, custom shortcode composer, unlimited full-width sections and so much more!

Perfect Typography

An amazing set of Google fonts to choose from and differentiate between headers and body fonts.

See demo page

Beautiful UI Elements

The whole Entypo Pictogram icon suite and plenty of stunning user interface elements.

See demo page

Elastic Flexible Grid

Advanced responsive and flexible grid layout built on top of the famous Foundation framework.

See demo page

New portfolio

Portfolio section with a wealth of options and features to showcase your work with style.

See demo page


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awesome web & graphic designers


crazy php & js developers


dedicated amazing project managers


cups of creamy espresso per day

Clients love IT, too!

Tfingi keeps delivering great things brought together by a series of small stunning and colorful things.Victoria Moore
Wukkol, Ltd.



Hand-crafted with lots of love in Cambridge

We love what we do and our clients love it, too!






Stop waiting for things to happen, get Tfingi and make them happen today!

Don't forget to be awesome every day!

And if you need assistance, just visit Tfingi Support
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